Who we are

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Sugarcane Technology Center is the leading global company in sugarcane science, which seeks constant innovation and genetic improvement, through conventional methods, biotechnology or planting techniques.

We have one of the largest sugarcane germplasm banks in the world, with more than 4,000 varieties.

At CTC’s laboratories in Piracicaba (SP) and Saint-Louis (Missouri-USA), our teams of scientists develop products using modern techniques such as genetic modification and genomic editing.

The company’s portfolio is the result of its vast experience with the sugarcane production chain, and brings together varieties of high-yielding sugarcane with protection against diseases and pests, adapted to each country’s producing regions.

Created in 1969, CTC has contributed throughout its history to the technological progress of national agribusiness and the competitiveness of the sugar-energy sector, leading Brazil to the world leadership in the sector, with sustainable production of sugar, ethanol (clean and renewable biofuel) and bioelectricity.